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Corporate Law

Our Firm offers a wide range of services in matters of Corporate Law, such as:

  • Incorporation, transformation, merger, division, dissolution, liquidation and acquisition of companies.


  • Advice to the controlling or minority shareholders, to the officers, to the members of the board of directors of the companies and their committees, regarding their limits and the fulfillment of their obligations, etc.

  • Regularization of commercial companies.

  • Compliance and regularization in matters of Foreign Investment.

  • Preparation and instrumentation of assembly minutes, regulations, procedures, policies, codes of ethics and other corporate governance documentation. 

  • Advice on corporate compliance, including the performance of legal audit procedures to diagnose the current situation and detect potential risks and infractions. 

  • Preparation and review of all kinds of contracts, taking into account the tax effects or consequences, as well as the fulfillment of contractual obligations between the parties. 


For Bettinger Asesores it is of great importance that our clients comply with their respective corporate bylaws and applicable laws, in order to avoid internal conflicts with partners or shareholders, as well as contingencies with third parties or federal or local authorities.

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