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Intellectual property

At Bettinger Asesores we offer legal and technical services through strategic advice on Intellectual Property, such as:




  • Defense and legal strategy, as well as claim for infringement of rights. 

  • Representation and technical-legal advice to: 

  1. inventors

  2. National and foreign companies

  3. Research Center 

  4. Universities. 


  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements for the use of knowledge and technology transfer licenses for: 

  1. Patents 

  2. Utility Models 

  3. Industrial Designs 


  • Elaboration of opinions, preparation and presentation of requests to obtain: 

  1. Patent Registration, 

  2. Utility models and industrial designs both nationally and internationally. 


  • Audits and management of the invention portfolio 




  • Search for prior trademark rights and preparation of legal opinions. 

  • Filing of applications and obtaining trademark registration. 

  • Management and management of trademark portfolios, as well as the conservation of rights such as renewals and declarations of use. 

  • Trademark monitoring and follow-up service for the possible presentation of applications similar to those of a company. 

  • International trademark registration. 


Designations of Origin and Geographical Indications 

  • Defense of the Denomination of Origin Tequila worldwide. 

  • Authorization for the use of the Denomination of Origin Tequila. 

  • Processing and recognition of geographical indications, either on behalf of producer groups or state governments. 

  • Feasibility analysis.

  • Opinion on appellations of origin and geographical indications.

  • Preparation of business project in accordance with the figure of protection. 

  • Presentation and follow-up of the application for Declaration of Protection.

  • Preparation and elaboration of technical study. 

  • Legal advice in the processing of the application for Protection. 

  • Generation of certification strategy and correct model of use. 

  • Application for protection and representation abroad. 




  • Search on availability and protection for your registry. 

  • Advice on infringement, limitations on economic rights, as well as the negotiation of transfers of rights and licenses. 

  • Recognition and protection of literary, musical and artistic works in traditional and digital media (paintings, sculptures, photographs, musicals). 

  • Advice on the resolution of copyright disputes before the courts, as well as alternative dispute resolution solutions. 

  • Advice on agreements and licenses related to the transfer of protected works and derivative works such as mergers and purchases. 

  • Design of copyright enforcement strategies to combat and against piracy. 


Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting 

  • Protection through the granting of trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs. 

  • Actions to combat counterfeiting and piracy before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, customs authorities and the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic: 

  1. Inspection visits.

  2. Seizure of illicit merchandise in the administrative field. 

  3. Imposition of administrative fines. 

  4. Suspension of the free circulation of merchandise of foreign origin. 

  • Substantiation before the specialized prosecution of criminal matters in intellectual property. 


Franchises and Licenses of use 

  • Negotiation of license agreements and franchises for companies.

  • Preparation and technical-legal advice on franchise contracts and licenses in accordance with the Industrial Property Law and other applicable provisions. 

  • We provide advice and follow-up in the review of knowledge transmission and training in business schemes. 

  • Registration and monitoring before the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property. 


Intellectual Property Litigation 


  • Preparation of an opinion on the legal action to be taken, the legal grounds and the evaluation of the probability of success, until the filing of the lawsuit and at each stage of the trial. 

  • Analysis and development of legal opinions, evaluation of the matter, legal strategies to prevent conflicts or prepare the case. 

  • Trademark registration nullity and expiration procedures. 

  • Protection of intellectual property rights. 

  • Writing responses to cease and desist letters, conducting negotiations and establishing transactions. 

  • Representation of both licensees and licensors in disputes over the claim for payment of royalties, breach or termination of contracts, indemnities, annulments and infractions in mediation procedures and state and federal litigation. 

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