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Consulting on Transfer Pricing

In the Transfer Pricing Consulting area, our services are specialized in transactions between related parties at a national and international level:

  • Analysis, design and implementation of transfer pricing policies.

  • Preparation of transfer pricing studies and information returns(Local file, master file and country by country report)considering the legislation on the matter in the country in question, as well as various applicable provisions, such as the Guidelines issued by the OECD. 

  • Advice to companies in the audit process on the matter, both in the preparation of documentation and in the management of the process with the tax authorities.

  • Valuations of shares, businesses and intangibles for mergers and acquisitions, advising the buyer/seller with due compliance with the documentary support of the transaction and the determination of the price based on the market value. 

  • Negotiation of advance agreements in transfer prices or unilateral or multilateral APAs from the analysis and request of the agreement, to the management and obtaining of the same.

  • Restructuring based on transfer prices, complying with the due documentary support in compliance with Chapter IX of the OECD guidelines.

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