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Corporate Ethics(compliance)

At Bettinger Asesores, we help our clients comply with the National Anticorruption System and maintain internal controls with the highest international standards of Corporate Ethics.

Bettinger Asesores offers its clients the following services regardingCompliance:

integrity policy


  • Comprehensive advice and support so that your company can meet the essential legal requirements to prove that it has an "Integrity Policy" under the National Anticorruption System. 

  • Creation or review of an Integrity Policy.

  • Implementation of Training programs for your company considering the type of industry. 

  • Development, implementation or review of the necessary requirements to obtain the registration of your company in the Register of Business Integrity, as well as to comply with the Citizen Confidence Law and other related provisions.

  • Preparation, review and improvement of existing internal policies, as well as evaluation of corporate processes and controls, for compliance with applicable legislation

ISO 37001 certification


  • Assure directors, investors, employees, customers, suppliers and competent authorities that the company is taking all measures reasonably necessary to prevent corruption. 

  • Serve as formal evidence in the event of an investigation against the company for any practice related to corruption, thus mitigating its legal responsibilities, which implies eliminating or at least reducing the applicable sanctions. 

  • Grant the corporation important recognition in compliance with the highest ethical standards at a national and international level.

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