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Government Finance Management and Consulting

The Government, at all levels, is the vehicle we have to achieve economic development. 

Our Firm has the necessary knowledge and experience to: 

  • Advise our clients and represent their legitimate interests before the Chambers of Senators and Deputies, designing and implementing specific measures, with the purpose of reconciling, achieving positions and legislative reforms that allow the growth of the structures through which they develop their businesses.

  • Participate together with taxpayers, both in cases of the highest complexity and in negotiations with the tax authorities.

  • Seek to promote reforms in local and federal legislation to address unforeseen situations or problems.

  • Advise on fiscal and financial policy, with the Federal Government and the State Governments. 

  • Work continuously with the different sectors of the Government, either in the review of initiatives that can generate an impact on public finances and the tax situation of taxpayers, or even participate in the implementation of procedures that allow greater efficiency in tax administration and collection.

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